An angry cat typically displays a range of behaviors and body language cues that indicate their displeasure or aggression. Here are some common signs of an angry cat:

  1. Hissing and Growling: When a cat is angry, they may emit hissing or growling sounds. These vocalizations serve as warnings to communicate their discomfort or aggression.
  2. Ears Flat Back: A cat’s ears will flatten against their head when they are feeling angry or threatened. This is a defensive posture that indicates they are ready to defend themselves if necessary.
  3. Dilated Pupils: When a cat is angry or aggressive, their pupils often become dilated. Enlarged pupils indicate heightened arousal and a readiness to react.
  4. Swishing or Lashing Tail: An angry cat may vigorously swish or lash their tail from side to side. This movement indicates their agitation and can be a prelude to more aggressive behavior.
  5. Raised Fur: A cat that is angry may raise the fur along their back, making themselves appear larger and more intimidating. This reaction, known as piloerection or “puffed up” fur, is a defensive mechanism.

Best Angry Cat Names 

While cats can certainly exhibit moments of anger or displeasure, it’s important to remember that they are generally independent and have their own unique personalities. However, if you’re looking for some fun and playful “angry” cat names, here is a list of 100 suggestions:

  1. Grumpy
  2. Fang
  3. Snarl
  4. Scowl
  5. Wrath
  6. Hissy
  7. Fuzzy Fury
  8. Clawdette
  9. Snippet
  10. Thunderpaws
  11. Furiosa
  12. Rumble
  13. Vex
  14. Scratch
  15. Pouty Paws
  16. Rebel
  17. Savage
  18. Grouch
  19. Snappy
  20. Razzle
  21. Grumble
  22. Bristle
  23. Nipper
  24. Chompers
  25. Anarchy
  26. Feisty
  27. Jinx
  28. Rumblebelly
  29. Snippet
  30. Swat
  31. Pouncer
  32. Grim
  33. Furious
  34. Scrapper
  35. Hissington
  36. Ruffian
  37. Spite
  38. Rumblebelly
  39. Rascal
  40. Snippy
  41. Viper
  42. Scratchy
  43. Fuzzy Beast
  44. Snarly
  45. Fangster
  46. Mischief
  47. Scrappy
  48. Growler
  49. Angrina
  50. Grumblepaws
  51. Thunderclaw
  52. Vexy
  53. Rager
  54. Rebelicious
  55. Snarly McSnarlface
  56. Grumblebelly
  57. Scratchy McScratcherson
  58. Paws of Fury
  59. Spiteful
  60. Furball Fury
  61. Brawler
  62. Snappy McSnapperson
  63. Ruffian
  64. Fierce
  65. Crazypaws
  66. Rumblekins
  67. Angsty
  68. Hissy Fit
  69. Clawdia
  70. Gruff
  71. Scowlface
  72. Bitter
  73. Snarlita
  74. Muzzle
  75. Thunderstrike
  76. Pouty McPouterson
  77. Spiteful Sprout
  78. Savage Pawssassin
  79. Rumblebelch
  80. Scratchy Scratcherton
  81. Snarlina
  82. Fuzzbuster
  83. Feistmeister
  84. Growlerella
  85. Rageroo
  86. Rebelclaw
  87. Spiteful Sprite
  88. Ruff McRufferson
  89. Furball Frenzy
  90. Snippykins
  91. Clawdacious
  92. Grizzled
  93. Scowly McScowlfish
  94. Angritude
  95. Furioso
  96. Fizzle
  97. Grrrrl
  98. Snippity Snip
  99. Bristlebottom
  100. Grumblekins
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Cool Angry cat Names 

  1. Riot
  2. Havoc
  3. Vengeance
  4. Fury
  5. Blaze
  6. Rebel
  7. Tempest
  8. Eclipse
  9. Venom
  10. Inferno
  11. Wrath
  12. Rogue
  13. Onyx
  14. Dagger
  15. Jinx
  16. Loki
  17. Raven
  18. Diesel
  19. Spike
  20. Magnum
  21. Sable
  22. Blitz
  23. Zeke
  24. Zara
  25. Nyx
  26. Zephyr
  27. Blitzkrieg
  28. Viper
  29. Scorch
  30. Nemesis
  31. Diablo
  32. Havok
  33. Ripper
  34. Ash
  35. Rogue
  36. Serpent
  37. Ghost
  38. Thunder
  39. Blade
  40. Bullet
  41. Chaos
  42. Shadow
  43. Storm
  44. Slash
  45. Rex
  46. Banshee
  47. Steel
  48. Venomous
  49. Riot
  50. Sphinx
  51. Sniper
  52. Ember
  53. Goliath
  54. Seraphina
  55. Titan
  56. Valkyrie
  57. Magnum
  58. Xena
  59. Savage
  60. Pyro
  61. Jett
  62. Cinders
  63. Blackjack
  64. Fury
  65. Tempest
  66. Raider
  67. Thunderbolt
  68. Raptor
  69. Shredder
  70. Banshee
  71. Grendel
  72. Bruiser
  73. Vixen
  74. Raider
  75. Bullet
  76. Vandal
  77. Zealot
  78. Chaos
  79. Phoenix
  80. Zara
  81. Wraith
  82. Rogue
  83. Ember
  84. Saber
  85. Vex
  86. Reaper
  87. Diesel
  88. Ruckus
  89. Blitz
  90. Venom
  91. Zephyr
  92. Jinx
  93. Scorch
  94. Thunder
  95. Fury
  96. Ripper
  97. Viper
  98. Eclipse
  99. Blaze
  100. Magnum

Famous cat names for angry cats

If you have an angry cat and want to give them a name that reflects their fiery personality, here are some famous cat names that might suit them:

  1. Grumpy Cat: This iconic feline gained worldwide fame for her perpetually grumpy expression. Naming your angry cat after Grumpy Cat pays homage to her famous scowl.
  2. Lucifer: The name of the villainous cat in Disney’s animated film “Cinderella.” Lucifer is known for his sneaky and mischievous behavior, making it a fitting name for an angry cat.
  3. Mr. Bigglesworth: Dr. Evil’s hairless cat in the “Austin Powers” movies. Mr. Bigglesworth is often portrayed as demanding and irritable, which can resonate with an angry cat’s demeanor.
  4. Azrael: The name of Gargamel’s cat in the “Smurfs” franchise. Azrael is a mischievous and grouchy cat, making it a suitable name for an angry feline.
  5. Cheshire: Inspired by the grinning and sometimes mischievous Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” This name is perfect for an angry cat with a mischievous streak.
  6. Salem: The name of Sabrina Spellman’s sassy black cat in the TV series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Salem is known for his sarcastic and sometimes grumpy demeanor.
  7. Jonesy: The orange tabby cat from the movie “Alien.” Jonesy is a survivor with a feisty attitude, making it a great name for an angry cat.
  8. Meowth: The talkative and temperamental cat from the “Pokémon” series. Meowth is known for his cunning and irritable nature, which can resonate with an angry cat.
  9. Snowball II: The Simpson family’s cat in the TV show “The Simpsons.” Snowball II is often portrayed as aloof and easily irritated, making it a suitable name for an angry cat.
  10. Sylvester: The Looney Tunes character known for his constant pursuit of Tweety Bird. Sylvester’s persistent and sometimes frustrated nature makes it a good choice for an angry cat.
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With Meaning 

  1. Zara (Arabic origin): Meaning “blooming flower,” this name represents the cat’s intense energy and vibrant personality.
  2. Jett (English origin): Symbolizing blackness or darkness, this name embodies the cat’s fierce and brooding nature.
  3. Ragnar (Old Norse origin): Derived from “regin,” meaning “advice” or “judgment,” this name portrays the cat’s wise and decisive demeanor.
  4. Xena (Greek origin): Inspired by the warrior princess, Xena represents the cat’s fearless and powerful spirit.
  5. Blaze (English origin): Signifying a brilliant, intense flame, this name reflects the cat’s fiery disposition and passionate nature.
  6. Vex (English origin): Meaning “to irritate or provoke,” this name captures the cat’s ability to stir up strong emotions.
  7. Loki (Norse mythology): Named after the mischievous trickster god, Loki symbolizes the cat’s cunning and playful nature.
  8. Fury (English origin): Representing intense anger or rage, this name reflects the cat’s fierce and tempestuous temperament.
  9. Seraphina (Hebrew origin): Derived from “seraphim,” meaning “fiery ones,” this name portrays the cat’s fiery and angelic presence.
  10. Maverick (American origin): Signifying an independent and unorthodox individual, this name suits the cat’s rebellious and defiant personality.
  11. Blitz (German origin): Meaning “lightning,” this name reflects the cat’s quick and explosive nature.
  12. Ruckus (English origin): Symbolizing a noisy and disruptive commotion, this name represents the cat’s tendency to create chaos.
  13. Ember (English origin): Inspired by glowing coals, this name embodies the cat’s fiery and passionate spirit.
  14. Ripper (English origin): Evoking a sense of tearing or shredding, this name captures the cat’s aggressive and relentless nature.
  15. Scorch (English origin): Signifying intense heat or burning, this name reflects the cat’s scalding anger and fierce demeanor.
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