In the context of anime, an “anime cat” refers to a cat character that appears in Japanese animated series or films. These characters can be anthropomorphic, meaning they possess human characteristics and traits, or they can be portrayed as regular cats with exaggerated or expressive features.

Anime cats often play various roles within the storyline. They can be main characters, supporting characters, or even mascots. They are known for their adorable and charming appearances, and they often contribute to the overall appeal and cuteness of the anime they appear in.

Best Anime inspired cat names

  1. Luna
  2. Kuro
  3. Momo
  4. Totoro
  5. Natsu
  6. Chihiro
  7. Haku
  8. Sakura
  9. Jiji
  10. Haru
  11. Hina
  12. Zen
  13. Yuki
  14. Shiro
  15. Inu
  16. Kiki
  17. Kisa
  18. Kyo
  19. Luffy
  20. Chopper
  21. San
  22. Ashitaka
  23. Pikachu
  24. Mewtwo
  25. Bulbasaur
  26. Eevee
  27. Tsubasa
  28. Kagome
  29. Inuyasha
  30. Sesshomaru
  31. Naruto
  32. Sasuke
  33. Hinata
  34. Itachi
  35. Kakashi
  36. Jiraiya
  37. Sakura
  38. Ichigo
  39. Rukia
  40. Renji
  41. Byakuya
  42. Hitsugaya
  43. Goku
  44. Vegeta
  45. Gohan
  46. Trunks
  47. Piccolo
  48. Killua
  49. Gon
  50. Kurapika
  51. Hisoka
  52. Levi
  53. Mikasa
  54. Eren
  55. Armin
  56. Sasha
  57. Kirito
  58. Asuna
  59. Sinon
  60. Yui
  61. Rem
  62. Subaru
  63. Emilia
  64. Alphonse
  65. Edward
  66. Winry
  67. Roy
  68. Mustang
  69. Riza
  70. Zero
  71. Kaname
  72. Yuki
  73. Rias
  74. Issei
  75. Akeno
  76. Koneko
  77. Sora
  78. Shiro
  79. Megumin
  80. Darkness
  81. Aqua
  82. Zenitsu
  83. Nezuko
  84. Tanjiro
  85. Shinobu
  86. Kanao
  87. Gon
  88. Killua
  89. Kurapika
  90. Hisoka
  91. Jotaro
  92. Dio
  93. Giorno
  94. Josuke
  95. Kira
  96. Shota
  97. All Might
  98. Midoriya
  99. Todoroki
  100. Bakugo

Top Rated Names for Anime Cats

If you’re an anime fan and a cat lover, why not combine your passions and give your feline friend an anime-inspired name? Whether you’re looking for something cute, fierce, or simply unique, there are plenty of anime characters and series that can provide the perfect inspiration for your cat’s name. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best anime-inspired cat names to help you find the ideal name for your furry companion.

  1. Luna: Luna is a popular name in the anime world, inspired by the black cat in the “Sailor Moon” series. Luna is a magical feline who guides the Sailor Scouts in their battles against evil. If your cat is mysterious and magical, Luna could be the perfect name for her.
  2. Kuro: Kuro is a Japanese word meaning “black,” and is a popular name for black cats. It’s also the name of the black cat in the “Blue Exorcist” anime series. Kuro is a loyal companion to Rin, the protagonist of the series, and is known for her mischievous behavior. If your black cat has a playful streak, Kuro could be a great name for her.
  3. Totoro: “Totoro” is a beloved anime film by Studio Ghibli, and Totoro is the name of the furry forest spirit that the film revolves around. Totoro is a friendly and lovable character who captures the hearts of everyone he meets. If your cat is cuddly and charming, Totoro could be a fitting name for her.
  4. Natsu: Natsu is the name of the protagonist in the “Fairy Tail” anime series. He is a fiery and passionate character with pink hair and a love for adventure. If your cat has a vibrant personality and a fiery spirit, Natsu could be a great name for her.
  5. Chihiro: Chihiro is the name of the protagonist in the anime film “Spirited Away.” She is a brave and determined young girl who must navigate a mysterious spirit world to rescue her parents. If your cat is adventurous and courageous, Chihiro could be a fitting name for her.
  6. Haku: Haku is a character in “Spirited Away” who helps Chihiro on her journey. He is a mysterious and enigmatic character who has the ability to transform into a dragon. If your cat has an air of mystery and a sense of transformation, Haku could be a great name for him.
  7. Sakura: Sakura is a popular name in anime, inspired by the cherry blossom tree. It’s also the name of the protagonist in the “Cardcaptor Sakura” anime series. Sakura is a cheerful and optimistic character with a love for magic and adventure. If your cat has a sunny disposition and a playful spirit, Sakura could be a fitting name for her.
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